YET: DIALOGUES - Business Intl Sales Report

Image by ELLE RITTER from Pixabay


01-International Sales Report



Hi Kendra.  Has the International Sales Report arrived?

No, not yet.   The virus has slowed down operations at the New York Office.

Any idea when they will send it?

Roger, my contact there, said tomorrow for sure

Boy, we're lucky to be here in Singapore!

For sure! 

Record and Listen

  1. Has the monthly gross sales report arrived yet?​
  2. Have you read the monthly marketing report?
  3. How long have you been in the Sales Department?
  1. Have they met the new boss yet?   Yes, last week.
  2. They haven't seen the new sales data yet, have they?
  3. How long before you're finished with the report?    I don't know yet.  ( Half an hour. - An hour. - Next week. 
  1. How are sales doing in Europe?   They have slowed down a lot (some, a little, very little)
  2. Despite the slowdown in sales, they haven't slowed down production.  (slowdown = noun)
  3. I'm 72 and I'm beginning to slow down.    (to work less.  -  to retire  - to look at moving to Florida.)
  1. If you don't wear a mask, for sure, the virus will get you!!
  2. Do you know, for sure, that these sales figures are correct?     I'm dead sure!
  3. For sure, business will get better once the pandemic is over.