YET: DIALOGUES: Business - Meet With The Boss

Image by muneebfarman from Pixabay

The Marketing Meeting 2

The Plan

APR 2021

Good info.  Now we need to get the student population for Singapore by age groups.  Jane, when you have those numbers set up a marketing campaign for each group. 

We need more info on the educational system. 

Right!  Good point.  Do a quick Internet search. If you can't find that info, let me know and I'll call our Rep and have her get the info.

Record and Listen


  • info = information
  • to set up = create (phrasal verb)
  • Right! = correct
  • Good point:
    a person has just said or 
    suggested something interesting
    or important that you had not considered before. 
  • ​let me know = tell me