Apps that will help you improve your English skills

The Internet has all the apps you need to make improving your communication skills easier.  It can be time consuming to find them and learn how to use them, but if you are serious about improving your spoken English now is the time to find the apps that best help you meet that objective. 

Below are some apps that should help you.  Check them out.

These are the apps I use and I recommend, but use the ones you find the best for you.

Several apps to use for learning the meanings of your new vocabulary and to translate from your native language to English.

Here you will find a list of ESL Sites that have offer numerous tools that will also help you in all areas of English.

Several apps and links to sits that will enable you to practice your listening skills

Record your English. Improve your pronunciation.  

When you need to test your progress, use these apps.

Speaking to others is an excellent way to get practice which is basic to becoming fluent.