YET: English Classes for learning to Speak bettercture

The English Classes

All classes focus on speaking and listening!

The Objective

  • To Communicate!
  • To learn to speak and understand spoken English.

If your objective is to be able to communicate in English, then you are at the right place. 

I've been teaching for 30+ years and I know how difficult it is, but if you focus on Speaking you will get where you want to go faster!  

These classes are designed for you; specifically for you!  It's all Online and All Levels!

​How Is The Class Delivered?

  • ​This is explained on the page of the specific class.

​After Class Support:

  • You will have your own website!  It is where After Class Support will have links to sites that offer solutions to your English errors.  

  • In additions, after each class, I will send you an email and/or an oral message with suggestions and tips.​

Classes + Daily Consultations:

STEP 1:​   

  • Visit the site.  As you surf, make a list of questions. 

​​STEP 2:    

  • Fill out the GOTTA QUESTION? form. 
    I will answer your questions and ask you some.

STEP 3: ​   

  • If you are satisfied with our discussion after STEP 2, you will go to the Sign Up Form.

STEP 4:    

  • After signing up, we will have 2 free class.  ​If wish to continue, then we set up your schedule and you can make payment. 


  • US$10 to US$30 per hour depending on the class